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O crochet December 15, 2014

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So it’s teacher gift time. Z says his teacher “wears lots of scarves.” So I decided to whip her up a little something and was inspired by KB’s supa fly yellow crochet cowl I saw last week.

The yellow yarn I started with wasn’t working so I got out this festive red.

Crochet is stupid. I like knitting so much better. But this is pretty fast once I got the hang of it. Several YouTube videos later and now I’m cooking with gas!

Z digs my handmade stuff and I dig that he digs it. He took a look at it and said “oh you’re making an infinity scarf??” And I said “how’d you know what an infinity scarf is?” And he said “you made one for Mrs Reed, and she wore it a lot.”

Here’s the pattern if anyone needs a quick teacher gift. Any dummy can make this, just google a few vids. I am hopeful it’s going to be cute.

I actually kind of want one for myself now! With a smaller mesh.


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