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What I think about on the way to work… November 25, 2014

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So I had this meeting at work with a woman I’ve not met before. She has the softest and girliest voice…it almost doesn’t seem real (she’s a grown-ass woman, BTW). I listened, transfixed, because it was like a cartoon character or something! Super interesting. It made me wonder if it’s something you get used to as her friend…and just don’t notice over time?

When I was on the Job of Doom, I worked with a woman who had a total valley girl accent. I also sat and listened to her in amazement. But eventually I got used to it and didn’t hear it anymore. That’s what happens when you spend weeks traveling with people and spend countless hours sitting in airports, etc. And also when she turned out to be super cool and an avid reader, world traveler etc. Books, cover, don’t judge, right? (And yes, I’ve heard my own voice before on recordings and realize its similarity to a goose honking.)

I was reminded of her valley girl patois (?) the other day when I heard her voice out of the blue (and thought I was having a mental breakdown). Turns out it was the beginning of “Baby Got Back” where the gal is saying “Oh. My. God. Becky. Look at her butt.” But it sounds just like my friend! And I had a laugh.

Even though we got to be good pals, we did differ in one area – she’s more mature than I am. We had to do a joint job interview for a woman in Holland and she emailed me about her and said “Her name is Rhiannon.” So OF COURSE I replied with “Does she ring? Like a bell through the night?” And she didn’t respond. Because MATURE. Not one to be ignored I said, “ANSWER ME!! Wouldn’t you love to love her??”

(I’m kidding. I let it go after the ringing like a bell through the night.) (Because Marginally Mature.)

This is when Stevie was her best – the coked out 70s and 80s where she was just GIVING IT HELL on stage like some kind of maniac.


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