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TOTALLY RATIONAL November 21, 2014

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Hooray, I didn’t get Craig’s List Killed today!

Do any of you have an irrational paranoia about something, even though you know it’s dumb? Well, I have a fear of selling or buying things on Craig’s List and then getting Craig’s List Murdered by the buyer (or the seller). I don’t know exactly why I have this paranoia – I’m not usually a fearful person in ways like that. I do remember that one gal who was pregnant here in Portland and went to buy some baby clothes from someone from Craig’s List and they CUT THE BABY OUT OF HER AND STUCK HER DEAD BODY UNDER THEIR HOUSE. Remember that? I should google it and see when it happened. If it happened while I was prego, maybe that’s why I’m so skeert.

ANYHOO, we had four Duck football tickets to sell for tomorrow’s game and JY usually handles all that biz. Well, he can’t do it from India so I had to get involved. Someone texted me this morning for the last two tix and wanted to know when/where we could meet to exchange tix for cashola. Hmmm, let’s see. How about that dark alley, behind K-Mart, at midnight? And I’ll bring my kids and have them in the car. GREAT – thanks! So I sez to the guy, “Guy, you can meet me at my work parking lot in Beaverton at 3:15.” Ain’t no way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks I was going to have him come to my house. Especially at the new house, where we have no close neighb’s. Ain’t nobody got time for no Craig’s List Shenanigans. So when he got here, I told my co-workers, “If I’m not back in two minutes, I’ve been Craig’s List Kidnapped.” But, all is well and I survived the DANGEROUS TRANSACTION.

Living. On. The. Edge.

(I googled it. It happened in 2009. So I have no idea why it stuck with me, when 10,000 other heinous things happen on the regular around here. Here’s the gal who did it:



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