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Hey, it’s a hippie scarf! November 18, 2014

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I managed to catch up on the Serial podcast tonight. I started Sunday! Now I have to wait until Thursday for the new episode, dammit.

Knitting and podcast-listening is my new JAM. Here’s what I’m working on – this scarf of many colors.

It’s another project I started years ago and abandoned. I’m finishing up soon-ish. Next up on the needles is a hat for Z. He requested a green and yellow hat (Oregon Ducks, DUH) and I’ve been on the hunt. Unfortunately, I can’t find any yarn that’s the right shade of green. Or yellow. And I’m not making one that is off-tone colors because JANKY.

So I asked Z if he could flex on the color and he said “Any color is fine. I just want to be able to tell people ‘My mom made this hat, BECAUSE SHE’S AWESOME!'”


We did have some family tv time tonight and watched a “Nature” from PBS. We watched the one about beavers, which was TRES TRES Interesting. They are amazing rodents! I want to watch the one about those monkeys who sit in hot tubs in Japan or whatever…but Z had already seen it. I do NOT want to watch the one where the gal is holding the sloth. Sloths are creeee-PAY.

I love watching nature shows with the CotC. We even got Capt Grumpy-Britches (B) in here to watch with us.

I just fell asleep. Time to go to bed.


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