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When dad’s away… November 17, 2014

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My roomie. Isn’t he presh?

Last night his bro-bro slept in here. And brought his alarm clock. And set it for 6am so he could get up early and finish some homework. And then had the nerve to wake me up after I fell back asleep and tell me, “Mom, you’re snoring.”

1) I don’t snore and
B) Why can’t he sleep in and blow off his presentation for Computer Apps like a nermal 12 y.o., FFS?!

And also 3) I don’t remember having to do PowerPoint preso’s in 7th grade. LERD!


One Response to “When dad’s away…”

  1. mothermckibbin Says:

    Big Al here! Miss Sage and her cohorts were easy on you and Frog and JLew. B & Z are perf-merf. You do snore.

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