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Saturday Night November 10, 2014

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I did a doodle with some watercolor pencils Saturday. I’d been IMing with an old co-worker on the Facebook and she sent me some pics of some gorgeous stuff she’s been doing with Inktense pencils. I had some ooooooold watercolor pencils in the craft hoard so I tried them out. Obv not on watercolor paper. And obv with not brush. I used a warsh cloth to put some water on the doodle.

Then I went on the YouTube and looked for Inktense videos. They look like the Coolest Items Ever.


One Response to “Saturday Night”

  1. Emily Says:

    Did you see the Inktense pens on fabric? Super awesome. I’d never heard of them but of course now I want some. You know, for all my spare time.

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