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Suffering Sappho! November 7, 2014

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I’ve read a tiny bit about this book…but then someone mentioned it last night at book club and now I’m dying to read it. The “inventor” of WW was a polygamist, PhD, raging feminist and INVENTOR OF THE LIE DETECTOR TEST. Golden Lasso, anyone?? Fascinating!

I used to play Wonder Woman all the time with my friend Prune Pits. AND…Prune Pits’ mom’s live-in boyfriend went to high school with LYNDA CARTER. Can you believe it?

The book is illustrated, with lots of comics from the days of yore. That’s a paper book purchase/loan, definitely not a e-read.

Didn’t a new WW comic come out recently and she’s built like a Jessica Rabbit / Kim Kardonkey-an hybrid? Oh that feminist dude is probably turning in his grave.

I’m going to read the shit out of this book!


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