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Um? October 31, 2014

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So one of my coworkers just came back from a long vacation in New Zealand and Australia (same thing?) and he said “amazeballs” today at work. Two folks said “WHAT?!” and he said all the kids are saying it in NZ. They thought it was HILARIOUS and one person even wrote it down to remember.

I’m always late to the party, but hello? Amazeballs is so 2012, isn’t it?! Come on! These are all folks my age or younger. And big wigs at work. Maybe they’re busy reading Top Business Material in their free time instead of hanging around on the Internet. I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere for me.

But if being more Top Business comes with the price of being even more behind the times? NO THANK YOU. I will keep toiling in an open cubicle environment. That office isn’t worth it!


One Response to “Um?”

  1. Sauly Says:

    Be sure to tell them about that hip new website, “I can haz cheezebuger” & the new show “Friends” that all the kids are watching. Can you BE anymore dope?

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