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Oh Silliness October 28, 2014

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My cute little cube neighbor is a baseball fan – he played college baseball at Willamette U, I think. Anyhoo, he’s super into the World Series and keeps telling me things like, “GUESS WHAT? The Giants won last night!” And I reply, “Guess what? Who gives a sh!t?? Baseball is the most boring sport EVERRRRR!” It’s turned into our little neighborly joke. I just asked him “Hey, is the Super Bowl over now, or is that tonight?” Hi, I’m 44 years old. Considering where I work, I should be more interested in The Sports, but really? No. I’d much rather talk about which National Book Award nominated books I want to read.

Once again though…I love the peeps here at Megacorp. Everyone is super nice and it’s such a treat to come in to that kind of environment every day. I know I’ve said it 47 times, but dudes: I’m grateful!

What else? I had a terrible headache that woke me up Monday night around 3am. It was TURRIBLE. It was so bad, it made me naush to the point of having to stop the car and lean out to barth. Except I just heaved and heaved and my eyes and mouth watered like crazy. Stupid headache. I might need that Imitrex or whatever it’s called.

Let’s rename this blog: “Dear Diary, I have a headache and I want a Banh Mi sammich for lunch. And I like to read books. And my hair is heinous. And I like to be silly. KTHXBAI!”


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