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Misc October 26, 2014

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Some knitting. It’s a cowl. And it’s lovely lime and bright blue. Isn’t it fun? Only six more rows.

Football is over, thank the baby Jebus. But Z has decided to play basketball. So there go the winter Saturdays. At least the games are inside. And short.

I read a good book, The Invention of Wings. It’s a) an Oprah book and 2) about slavery…so it’s a miracle I picked it up. I really hate slavery, it’s a gigantic buzzkill. I usually avoid the subject unless forced to by my book club. I couldn’t even see 12 Years a Slave because: slavery! This book was based on a true life gal (whitey) who eschewed slavery with a firm hand, eventually. She became a Quaker and a famous abolitionist. Her parents gave her a slave for her 11th birthday. Christ alive. She also was a pre-suffragette, railing on about slavery and women’s rights. Good for her. What a heinous, heinous mark on our country’s history.

Now it’s time to start another book. I have a pile of library books…including one Steve King book (!) and also Cloud Atlas, because really? How long can a person go without reading Cloud Atlas, I ask of you? I need something gripping to pull my brain from 1830s Charleston, SC.

Time for the Steve King, I think. Horror of another variety.


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