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Various and Sundry Whining October 16, 2014

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Wow – this Oregon fall weather is redonk! I was blinded by a sunbeam as I left Target today at lunch. I’m enjoying every minute and trying to store them up to remember long about Jan/Feb.

RE: Target at lunchtime…and all the errands I’ve been doing lately at lunch: I’m remembering how nice it is to work in the ‘burbs. Alla you Portland ‘burb-mockers take note: working smack-dab in the middle of Beaverton has its benefits. For example, the father of my children commented that he needed a toiletry item this morning and off I went at lunch time to pick up $2 item. And lo, $80 later at Target, I had procured his aftershave. And a pillow for my new couch…and some Starbucks beverage mixes…and some Cheez-Its…and two Lego mini-figures for the CotC… You get my drift. So the ‘burbs: Handy. But potentially dangerous. Danger for the pocketbook. << Pocketbook is a hilarious word. As is billfold.

Did I mention that our new modern offices have high desks, so we can stand up and work? It’s true. And do you know what I hate sitting in? A high chair. I like my feet on the floor. And my bad sciatic nerve likes it too. But rejoice, one and all, I got a foot rest today. I tried to get my adora-ballz cube neighbor to assemble it for me, but he didn’t bite so I had to put on my tool belt and assemble it myself. My god – like a pioneer woman!

We are cable-free at Chez Y – can you believe it? It’s true. I was getting sick of the ridiculous cable bill. So we got the Amazon Fire TV thingie and I bought a Hulu Plus subscription and lo, we are PRACTICALLY LIVING OFF THE GRID. I’ve been binge-watching the Mindy Project and I am digging it. I know season one was a turd, but there’s something very funny about it and I really like it as the seasons have progressed. Mostly I like the dudes in it. The one doctor who was on that show Happy Endings – he’s HI-LAR. And in unrelated news: I AM AN OLD LADY WITH MY NETWORK TV COMEDIES.

I have a very painful zit-uation going on my lip. Are those or are those not THE WORST? My god with the zitty skin at age 4_ ! Zits and wrinkles at the same time should be illegal. Right?


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