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Ebola? October 8, 2014

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Too soon for Ebola jokes?

I’m home sick today. I slept almost all day then woke up in a panic realizing I had to go to work to pack my desk AND make it back to Z’s school to pick him up from the chess club. I threw on some clothes and went to work and lo, my neighbors had packed for me! So nice. So now I’m at Z’s school early.

They have a tournament at the end of the year but only a set number of kids can go. So you have to qualify. Z asked me, dead serious, “If I qualify for the tournament, will you please take me?” Ummm, have we met? As if we’d ever say no. No, we’re not supportive parents. I’m working in the snack shack Saturday morning for the fun of it!

I hate being sick. It’s really stupid.


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