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Oh, here’s one thing October 6, 2014

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There was a major ruckus outside last night – so loud it woke me up. And people, I sleep soundly. It sounded like a pack of dogs fighting or having a good old fashioned bark-off. Our dumb dog finally figgered out how to use the doggie door so I was momentarily worried that she was outside barking her face off. But then when I listened, I realized it wasn’t the nails-on-a-chalkboard bark of a Puggle. No, I think it was a coyote or two. Or three. It was loud!

So I just googled “Coyote Tigard” and lo, I found an article on KGW vis-à-vis coyotes in Tigard on Bull Mountain, in 2013. Where do I live? Bull Mountain. Where were the pics taken? On Bull Mountain, around 150th St. Where do I live? RIGHT THERE.

So now I’m wondering if those wily coyotes will be smart and figger out how to use our doggie door?! Maybe I’ll start closing the laundry room door from here on out. That way if a critter gets in, at least it’s trapped in the laundry room and maybe if it gets bored it can fold some gee-dee clothes for me.

Also – I found a dead mouse on our patio this weekend. I dunno about this Kuntry Livin’. At our old plastic house, never I had wild critters waking me up in the middle of the night. Or dying on my patio. Or using my yard for an exercise track.

Just kidding. I LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE. But talk to me later, if a coyote gets in my house. I’ll be singing a different tune. A tune called “I just crapped in my pants.”


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