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Problem October 3, 2014

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I have a Banh Mi problem. I want one every single day. And they’re so cheap, it’s easy to justify.

I’m making my way through the menu. Today is my first Grill Beef, which you may know as Grilled Beef. I get extra vegetables and jalapeños. Suh! Guh!

I am going to pass on a few of the menu items. Like the pâté one. And the “Saigon Bacon.” And the meatball one. I’m tetchy about meatballs. Although I did have a meatball sandwich at Lardo and nearly passed out from the deliciousness. Maybe 2014 is The Year of the Meatball?!

I’ll also pass on the sardine one. Get serious! Yesterday’s vegetarian one was just okay. It had tofu and veggies and what looked like vermicelli. Pasta on a sandwich? That is a carb-bridge-too-far.

But daikon and carrot? All day long, bros. All day long.


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