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WDJD? September 19, 2014

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What Did J Do before I got up today? He was at work for several hours. I think he got there at 5am. Crazypants.

He had to work late yesterday and show up to football last minute and practice in his work clothes. I had to take Z to practice, with a tuna croissant for Dad. After practice I went and got Z and B, and J went in search of WiFi, bcuz we don’t have Internets yet. He worked more, then came home at 10:30. B needed help on his math homework so J stayed up and reviewed it and left B notes for this morning. Then he passed out exhausted.

When B got up to do his homework, he had to call J for help and J walked him through it on the phone.

B is in geometry and completely past my capabilities. The was factoring irrational binomials or some shit (I don’t even know if that’s a thing) and I can’t help AT ALL. There were tears and tension this morning…I hate not being able to help.

Here’s what I’ve been up to: unpacking kitchen. We went from a biiiiig walk-in pantry (hoard-closet) to No Pantry Kitchen.

I’m getting creative with my shelving action.

And PS lest you think a tuna croissant sounds super weird, let me tell you: delish. Tuna/mayo and horseradish cheddar with lettuce on a croissant. Fab!


One Response to “WDJD?”

  1. mothermckibbin Says:

    My son-in-love is the best Dad in the world and you should have seen him the day he brought Zach home from the hospital to Ben! He opened the door of his home, with Zach safe in the car seat. He sat the car seat down 1/2 way in the doorway, wrapped Bennie up in his arms and said “what do you think, Bennie shall we bring him in?” Bennie was so happy and safe in his Dad’s arms and just kept smiling and cuddling and saying “Zaaaaaa.” When Jason put Bennie down and Bennie started pulling the car seat into their home Jason kept them all safe. It remains one of my all time favorite memories.

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