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Hiding. Shhhhh! September 17, 2014

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I’m hiding in B’s room. Don’t tell. Here’s the view from the front window…viva la split level.

Z picked the smallest bedroom right across the hall from B. When he looked out the window he said, “Oh, there’s the yard. Does that mean I can climb out?” Aaaaaaand that was exactly what I’d told J would be happening in five to seven years if we put Z on the bottom floor. Hilar!

I have big news that will crack certain readers (S McGovern up)! I needed to clean up the mess under the old washer so when we put in our washer it would be clean…so I did. Then I looked at the dryer and thought that needed to be done too. So I unhooked the dryer (!) and moved it outside by myself (!) and mopped underneath it (!) and then had to take a pic and text it to J because: OMG! I don’t do stuff like that…stuff like unplug an appliance…and unhook the silvery puffy tube…and muscle a dryer out to the patio. I’m more of a Scarlett O’Hara type…I rely on the kindness of strangers. Wait. Is that Streetcar gal? (UGH!? What am I, some movie genius AND a professional handy-woman?!)

Anyways, I’m lazy and wimpy. J does anything remotely handy-ish up in this joint. So me unhooking and moving the dryer is SUPER AMAZEBALLZ. Sheila McGovern will think that’s hilar because she can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and put a new roof on a house And then build a fence. With one hand tied behind her back. And blindfolded. And here I am bragging about figuring out how to unhook the silver foil-y puffy tube on a dryer!

So J has been uber organized, try and picture it. We have maps of the house, color coded rooms, color coded boxes, signs on the walls, etc. When the movers came they said, “Whoa” and also “On a scale of 1-10 for an organized move: you’re a 10.” Good old J.

Imagine if he and Sheila M joined forces?! Actually, I don’t think the universe could handle it and it might create a black hole or something. Their powers would collide and explode and it would be CURTAINS!

What else? J found me hiding downstairs so now I need to get my carcass moving. Before I even got up today he’d been up and to Home Depot and purchased and set up a microwave. Oyyyyyyyy.


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