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My Feelers Hurt September 12, 2014

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Yes! People who’ve never spoken to me, come enjoy some of my goodbye cake! And while you’re there, don’t say a word to me! You’re awesome. Especially you, guy who won’t even say Hi back to me in the hall because we tussled once in a meeting!

And yes, of course, UNinvite me to the team activity in October. Because I’m TOTALLY the type of person who would have showed up to an evening Timbers soccer game and given up my family time to watch The Sports with people from a department I no longer work in and where I spent the worst five months of my professional career. Totally remove me from the invite!! Otherwise I might not have a chance to ruin my Fall with work activities like my Summer was ruined!

And yes…for sure send out an email to the department letting them know to go enjoy cake, but make no mention of what it’s for. Like you said “Yum!! Yum!!”


I have next week off in which to lick my wounds, get my sparkle back, and prep for A New Day at Megacorp. And also move to a new house. Here’s to new beginnings.

And cheers to the two gals who offered to take me out to Happy Hour this afternoon. Everyone else: no cheers to you!!



3 Responses to “My Feelers Hurt”

  1. Sauly Says:

    You may want to turn the volume down if you’re at work. Or don’t.

  2. Sue Amos Says:

    Screw hum, you have the last laugh ditching the horrendous job. Good luck with the move.

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