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Lookie these preshie pants! September 5, 2014

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They’re in their way to the Tigard High football game. And I’m on my way home. HOLLA!! Neighbor dad is taking them. Get in free with their jerseys on!

It’s a Neon Out game. My B likes to do his own thing.

Z had a good week at the Ginge’s house after school. I guess his mom is an AMAZING COOK. Whatever. The ginge is a Bad Ass Mamma Jamma on the football field.

Games tomorrow. And we have an open house, FML, so now after happy hour I get to go home and clean the effing house. When really I just want to either go take a nap, or continue Happy Hour at Home. We call that The 3H.

All the moms at happy hour asked me “AREN’T YOU COMING TO THE GAME?” Um…have we met? I’d rather get 47 Pap smears than go to a Tigard High football game. No offense!

I’ll let the neighb dad take them. He’s cool. Even though he called me an asshole tonight. Whatever.


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