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How about some knitting? September 1, 2014

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I finished a chunk and moved on to a new color. And lo there was a teeny bit of rejoicing.

I’m no longer working with baby-poop-yellow…now I’m working with Wyeth-rrhea-brown, which is a special side note to a certain reader or two.

I want to be finished with this bad boy to get the most out of it during Fall. It’s vair vair Fall-ish. It’s been to Amsterdam a few times, Brazil once, and possibly even Singapore. It’s time to wrap ‘er up. I will travel no more forever…so now I think lots will be knitted in foreign locations such as Sandy, Canby, and Aloha. At football games, dummies.


One Response to “How about some knitting?”

  1. harrismr1 Says:

    Wyeth doth my butt explodeth whilst I’m driving? LO THESE MANY YEARS?!?!?!

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