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New School! August 28, 2014

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So my baby is going to a new school next week. Our new house is in range of a different elementary school. I took him today for new student orientation and to drop off school supplies and ice cream socialize. He’s been a little anxious about it….AND IT WAS AWESOME!

Before we even made it in the door, he was greeted with a “HEY YZN!!!” from one of his football teammates. Two steps in the door a kid high-fived him and said “YZN! I heard you were coming here! YESSS!!” – it was a lacrosse kid.

The school is AWESOME. Seems smaller than his past elementary school and SUPER easy to navigate. Here he is in the cafeteria with two guys from football. The little ginge is a NICE BOY and guess what? He’s in Z’s class. And guess what? The teacher put them together in a table group. Right by her desk…she’s obv no dummy.

The NICE BOY has a nice mom and I friended her on the Facebook. Turns out she’ll be home the first week of school and Z is going to walk home with him and hang out, since school gets out at 2pm. They were on the same football team last year (and again this year) and are nice, calm peeps. The boy on the left…his mom is the PE teacher at the school and I met her last night at B’s orientation!

Viva la Tigard and viva la nice families.


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