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More pic action August 28, 2014

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I sat down in the cafeteria and let him do his thing. He disappeared for awhile and came back with the orange tshirt and had signed himself up with the 5th grade ambassador program and asked if he could work the cafeteria line, passing out ice cream.

He finished up and went back to his classroom twice by himself (learned his way around fast!) and checked out the class list and also told his teacher he’s color blind. Important stuff.

I’m super impressed by this boy today. He tends to run a little narvous, like his mama, so this was a Big Day for him. And it could not have been better! He called me at work first thing this morning to ask questions about The Plan for the day. Then called his Pa. Even though we’d talked about it 47 times yesterday.

I got to chat up some moms, get the 2pm early release covered and give her a MegaCorp pass which she was pumped about.

He’s cute. He had trouble with the Popsicles, because he can’t tell them apart (colorblind) so he had another kid pass those out. I said “just tell them you’re colorblind” and he said “yeah, but then I have to talk about it for an hour and it’s annoying.” An hour??? I really don’t know where he gets the exaggeration from. LE MYSTERY!!


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  1. JLew Says:

    Soviet. Funny story. I love that he is a little you

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