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Quick update, readers August 26, 2014

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A friend gave me some berries so I made a cobbler. And lo, it is delicious. It’s ghetto – I used Bisquick and googled a recipe. But I yam a busy working woman! Sometimes Bisquick must be your go-to. Don’t judge me, a-holes!

I am moving to yet another new yob at the Megacorp. AND LO, THERE WAS MUCH REJOICING. It’s a long, dramatic and boring story but the short version is: going back to old dept, doing something new to me, and won’t be on the project that sucked the very life blood from my soul. And people: that is no exaggeration. LIFE BLOOD! FROM MY SOUL! The deets are yet to be ironed out…but I heard perhaps as soon as sept 1, which is NEXT WEEK.

Sometimes experiments fail, and we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, flip a few folks a big old bird, and move on with life. Hey, just kiddin vis a vis the flipping of the bird. I am a 44 year old professional woman. I will be classy. And hand-sew a secret voodoo doll and poke many pins in it. HEY! I yam joking! My best friend and former blogger has been good about providing me perspective throughout the whole heinous ordeal and her steadfast maturity has helped immensely. I’m only flipping mental birds. PROGRESS, PEOPLE! Between her and my huz, I will eventually learn how to be a grown-up lady.

So, I’m returning from the edge of a nervous breakdown so expect more bloggy hi jinx.

Bad news/good news: new job will not have travel, probably. Good for the fam, bad for my wanderlust and the things I still wanted to see in the Netherlands. But as I like to say: you can’t fight city hall.

I’m feeling grateful, and lucky today. And also buzzed, as I had to celebrate (alone) with two larrrrrrrge vodka drinks. I’m looking forward to hard work ahead, but with a side order of sanity and room for other things in my brain besides work. And work dread. Work dread is THA WORST.


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