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R$ August 21, 2014

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So the gal I brought the vitamins for asked if they were R$40 per bottle or R$ for the three bottles. That’s US $18 per bottle of Vitamin D, or $18 for three bottles. It was $18 for three bottles at the Costco. I asked about how much they cost here and she said you can pay about R$100 for a bottle. That’s US $44 for something that cost me $6. YIKES.

Last time she was in the US she bought eight bottles of a hair conditioner that costs her R$60 here. It was about $R7 in the US. $2.99 american dollhairs. CRIKEY.

The next phase of our project has a trip scheduled down here for September. Thankfully, I won’t be attending. But I told her to give me a list and I would force my co-workers to fill their bags with stuff for her.

Also, they went to the Havianas store without me last night and my friend I’m traveling with bought TEN PAIR OF FLIP FLOPS. And saw the amazing graffiti. I’m pissed.


One Response to “R$”

  1. charla Says:

    Pedro’s mom is here this month. I was at her place last night and she bought like 5 or 6 cooking pans. Big ones. I reminded her of the luggage fees and she reminded me that the $5 pan she bought costs $100 in Brasil. (I cant see what I’m typing my computer sucks so apologize for typo)

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