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Too tired to post August 19, 2014

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Amazing dinner out with local team tonight. I sat by these two lovelies who look like babies with perfect skin.

One on left is 37. One on right is 35. Not a wrinkle between them.

Work is hideous, people are lovely. Tale as old as time.

Tomorrow i’m going to get the driver to take me to the Haiviana mother-ship store. It’s the ONE thing it’s cheaper to buy in Brazil. And I guess the store is super cool. Leave a comment if you want a pair. Tell me color and size and I’ll bring you home some, ferreals. But you gotta pay me back. I have an order for two pair for MHar, wedge style. BANGIN!!

I had two capioroskas tonight at dinner. Soooooo good. So good.

Things are so expensive here. I asked some folks I know if they wanted me to bring them anything from the US of A and the gal on the left up there had me bring her vitamin D. ?? 900 pills. 900 hundred pills I had to smuggle up my b-hole for 14 hours on a plane!!! Wait. What?? Vitamin D isn’t illegal to bring in? I didn’t have to put them in my bung??? GEE THANKS JY FOR THE BOGUS ‘HELP’ YOU SWORE I HAD TO DO!!

Hey y’all. Totes jokin. Totes jokin.

Thursday is the soccer game that I’m dreading with all my heart. BUT! I have a new plan. I’m going to say I have to work late with a consultant and work on some problems and he and I are going to go out to dinner and to the museum!!

He is Brazilian but lives in Seattle, so HELLO TRANSLATOR! He declined the soccer game but when he heard me saying “museum” he was All In. It’s nice to have an art lover in the group. And I think that museum has some good Dutch Golden age pieces but I’ll have to double check. Either way: major art museum > Soccer game going late into the night.

Word to yo mama.


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