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Flora, no fauna August 18, 2014

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You know what really trips me out when I travel? The difference in the Nature. Immediately after walking out of the airport Sunday, I noticed this huge tree (not in this (awesome) pic) with gigantic leaves that looked like rhododendron leaves but about ten times the size. It makes me wonder about the evolutionary design of that plant and why it needs such huge leaves – and how that’s common closer to the equator. Then I think about how little I know about The Science. Then I think about “JAYSUS IT’S HOT HERE” and wonder if that has something to do with huge leaves. Then I wish I was smarter.

I’ve seen no fauna. But did have a convo at dinner at night about rats and such. One gal was describing a big disgusting rodent and I said “CAPYBARA!!!” which I remember because of the hassling I got in the early days of this blog vis-a-vis that one that a woman keeps a capybara as a pet. Remember that?? Anyways, they have capybaras here (grrrrrrross) and an American who lives here was saying GRRRRROSS and then we talked about Nutria which we have at home and the brazilians were saying GRRRRRROSS. As if a nutria is GRRRRROSSER than a capybara. Um, no. Capybara is the GROSSSSSSEST.

(I love saying GRRRROSS and I’ve taught my children to say it that way as well. They’re so well trained I just have to say “do you know what that is?” And they’ll say, “GRRRROSS.” It’s all in the rolled R sound.)


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