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Nuts! August 17, 2014

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So here’s the cashew that we’re used to. This is hanging off the tail end of the fruit. You’d roast this and dry it and the nut we eat (not me, cashews are HIDGE) is inside. I cut it off the fruit for SCIENCE.

My dudes? Mind blown!

We went out for dinner with the local Megacorp folks tonight. So gracious, and so generous with their time on a Sunday evening! We went to a restaurant where they being you out a big hunk of meat, sliced and you cook it on a grill at your table. The food was good.

A guy we’re traveling with ordered a bunch of caipirahanas (sp)? It’s a Brazilian drink made with In Brasil. He orders a fruit variety. I tried lime, passionfruit, cashew fruit, and Kiwi. I no like. They’re made with a Brazilian liquor that I think tastes Awful.

I’m fallng asleep. Goodnight.


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