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Breakfast August 17, 2014

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I can tell I woke up somewhere over South America. Breakfast includes what I think is farina, up there at 11o’clock. I remember Char’s husband asking where the farina was when he first came to the US. I think it’s a common side.

We know it as Cream of Wheat, a childhood favorite of mine. Or Creama Wheat, as I thought it was called. Dry on a plate is not so good though. I preferred it with butter and raisins (from mom) or Gold N Soft and brown sugar (at Grandma’s) and a good splash of milk. I used my toast butter and folded it in there to add one smidge of flavor. Toast was actually a croissant and who on earth puts butter on a croissant, I ask of you?!

Ugh. Sausage. I didna eat that. Sausage is a tricky thing. Sometimes I canna eat it. And if you can’t tell I finished my book and picked up Outlander again. So expect many posts with me Scottish lilt.

I also watched a movie – Chef. It was vair uneven but I enjoyed it all the same. Great music and if you’re a foodie, or even of you’re not, some really beautiful scenes of Jon Favreau (or a stand in) chopping up food and making some bomb looking dishes. It had bobby Cannavale too, and he’s a fave. He was underused though. And also Gloria from Modern Family, who I’ve been told is my celebrity doppelgänger. What? By “I’ve been told” you know that means “I wish wish wish wish wish wish wish.”

I got about five hours sleep I think. I’m in row 1, which is right by the kitchen area, so kind of loud. But there’s no bathroom up here so that’s good. No eau d’ turd up in my nose in the middle of the consarn night.


One Response to “Breakfast”

  1. Sauly Says:

    Let’s talk about Outlander. I want to dig it but am not feeling it so much. I read the first one and am trying to slog through the second one. Maybe the show will inspire me.

    PS that looks like grits. Are you sure you arent still in ATL?

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