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New Water Bottle August 15, 2014

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My huz and love of my life bought me a new pink water bottle. I don’t know where he gets these but they are the bomb. They keep water cold for over 24 hours. I put ice in mine this morning and took it to work. It still had ice in it when I got home, and the water was so cold it hurt. Mmmmmmm, cold water.

I was going to take it to Brazil but I don’t think I’m to be drinking the tap water there, which sucks. I hate the bottled water and the empty bottles that they make. In Singapore, they drink bottled water in the office like its going out of style, and in teeny bottles. Then the bottles go in the garbage. It’s makes an Oregonian gnash their teeth and rend their garments. After a meeting I picked up the bottle I had and inquired where I might find the recycling. God, I did NOT like Singapore. Much of it had to do with the weather being 400 degrees. And me being like Gulliver and the Lilliputians. And the humidity.

Brazil weather (it’s winter there!) is looking good. High of 72. Mama like.

They are very hospitable in Brassssillll and have activities lined up for us Sun., Tues., and Th. nights. On Thursday we get to go to a football game, and by football, I mean soccer. I may have to fake a migraine on Thursday. I’m missing my kids playing “real” football Saturday…I think I’ll boycott fake football in protest. I can’t speak a lick of Portuguese anyway.


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