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Perspective August 14, 2014

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So one of my fave websites that I view via the FB is Humans of New York. He’s on a world tour right now and visiting the middle east. Reading his entries on the Syrian refugees is a sobering thing. And makes one pause and take a deep breath. Also the sh*t going down in Misery, I mean Missouri in the good old U S of A.

So I have a new pair of soothes (that’s short for “a new attitude”) vis a vis my work woes. Lo, they are legion. But I’m doing a Frozen and Letting It Go. I can only do what I can do. And torturing myself is not helping. And big picture: CRY ME A RIVER, EDUCATED, MIDDLE CLASS AMERICAN WHITE LADY!

Let us hope that this new pair of soothes can last, and that I can really do a Frozen. Doing a Frozen is not my specialty. I’m more of a “craw, item stuck in” type person. I just need to let Jeebuz Take the Wheel. Oh just kidding.

Yesterday was Frog’s birthday so I went over and we had a slumbah party. Just like the days of yore. She had no kids and no old man, so it really was like the days of yore. Plus four dogs. And a weave. And me working for a few hours. HAPPY BIRTHDAY – WATCH ME WORK ON MY LAPTOP AT YOUR HOUSE!!!!!

I am a giver, people. A stone cold GIVER.

I did show up with a gift, though. A plastic bag full of origami cranes. Um, worst bday gift ever? See above: GIVER.


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