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Book talk. Talkin books. August 5, 2014

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I just finished this. I have Le Book Club on Thursday.

I did not love reading it. In fact I kinda had to force myself to keep going on it. It’s set in Iceland in 182x and there were too many Icelandy words. But. Yet. I’m surprisingly moved by the ending. I got the audio book from the library. The actress reading the book did an amazing job. I think listening to that helped me get more into the story because I could just listen versus being confounded by all the Icelandic words. I think I need to enjoy audiobooks more. I’m going to try checking some more out from the library. I listen to them on my commute which has been nice. It helps me get work off my mind.

Once again this is historical fiction shedding light on the horror of being poor and being a woman in the days of yore. It just reminds you that like Virginia Slims, we’ve come a long way baby.

This is book number 35 for the year. That’s pretty darn good for me considering I’ve been working so much. Up next is a Light Between Oceans which I started before I got motivated to finish this one. Sauls recommended it to me and it’s good so far.

I’m using Siri to write this blog post. So if it looks a little weird blame her. How weird is it to sit here and talk into my phone and have it be translated into words that I then email in and it turns into a blog post?


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