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Oh my boy July 29, 2014

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My littlest boy is a big fan of the Megacorp gear.

He is also colorblind.

Here he is modeling his new jacket from the outlet store. He invariably picks the brightest and most heinous items. He loved this one and I didn’t have the heart to tell him IT’S HIDGE!

JY said “Ohhhh!!” when he saw it and I gave him The Look. Z said “Do you like it dad??” And dad said “it’s very colorful!”

Oh he’s a cutie. I lubs that little bastard.


2 Responses to “Oh my boy”

  1. Sauly Says:

    My boss is colorblind & he always wears the loudest most colorful ties. They go with his shirt *most* of the time.

  2. Toad Says:

    Jason and I call it the Russian Mobster warm up jacket

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