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JUST LOOK AT ME! July 24, 2014

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Yes. This is what I looked like after work today. Why? Because I didn’t shower this morning. Why? Because I had a FIFTEEN HOUR DAY YESTERDAY. But that was yesterday? So what. I was tired this morning. And i was busy writhing around in bed trying to think of how to get out of work today.

Also, I had a 7am call with people in France then a 7:30 call with person in Holland and then I was too late to take a shower to make it in for my 9am call with Brazil. LERD ABOVE! That’s too many countries, too many phone meetings and too many hours yesterday. Resulting in me looking like a freaking Burn Out.

After the call with Brazil I got the real lowdown on Brazil travel. Oh, don’t take your wedding ring. Don’t wear dangly earrings. See pic above. Big earrings are my jam! But if I have to choose between looking like a dude and getting my earlobes ripped off, I’ll choose my mannish look I sppz. Make sure your driver is your same driver. Go from office to hotel to office to hotel. No galavanting around the city on foot by myself like I do in Amsterdam. Stay in touch with the front desk. If there are “protests” you’ll be instructed to stay inside with doors locked, curtains closed AND DON’T LOOK OUT THE CURTAINS. And I guess São Paulo is so big it makes NYC look like a quaint storybook village. Wha? I ain’t even been to NYC!

People. Ain’t nobody got TIME for this. I was told “quarterly travel.” In four months I’ve been to Europe twice. And now there’s talk of a Mexico trip. In September. During the week we’re suppzd to close on our new house.

Oh yeah. We made an offer on a house.

So I’m sliiiiiiightly busy.

And in a five week span in Oct/Nov I’m suppzd to be in Europe for four of those weeks? No. During football season? I GOTS KIDS TO WATCH DO THE SPORTS!!

So readers, I need all your good mojo coming my way. I officially asked for an exit strategy on this failed experiment. Within 24 hours I had a meeting with my old boss (first boss at Megacorp) and she’s designing a new department, with MY DREAM JOB. There are a lot of stars aligning that would have to make it happen. So here’s hoping it does. Cuz mama’s had enough. Halp!!


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