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Yes I’m going to work at noon July 23, 2014

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Check out my earrings. I found them during a clutter busting rampage. I think my husband and father of my children got them for me in India. They’re fun.

I’ve been up since 5:30. Had a TWO HOUR call with Donkey King, king of the donkeys.

I need an exit strategy from this gig. Full stop. I gave it a go and cain’t get it going. 😞 I gave it a really good go, too. It feels un-go-able. Especially the upcoming months where I’m to be in Europe for 28 out of 35 consecutive days. Ain’t nobody got time for a divorce.


One Response to “Yes I’m going to work at noon”

  1. Sue Amos Says:

    Feel so bummed for you that this is not working out. Girl you gotta ask for a transfer to a different position. You’re a Mom you just don’t have time for that kind of travel…

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