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Hey donkeys July 9, 2014

Filed under: Uncategorized — frogandtoadtogether @ 4:47 pm

One of you folks got all up my butt for lack of posting.

I got nothing to say! Except: check out my AWESOME new eye shadow from guess where: HEMA.

It’s metallic taupe-y and vair vair fun. It’s better in real life.

In other news: my job is tiger hell. Is that in the dictionary? If not, it means: the worst kind of hell. Like waking up naked in bed with Rush Limbaugh.


One Response to “Hey donkeys”

  1. Sue Says:

    Love the eye shadow but most of all sooooooo jealous of your crazy long eye lashes…..not fair. Oh and thanks for the mental picture this morning of Rush Limbaugh, made my day.

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