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World Cup June 23, 2014

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So NLD is playing but Mama Is Tired and I can’t handle a big crowd right now.

So I got my fave takeout dinner from the train staish and did a little shopping at the HEMA and I’m watching the game alone in my hotel room. PERFECTION.

Last time I was here with the Energizer Bunny, I would come back to my hotel and fall asleep immediately. Because she would run me ragged. This time I can’t get run ragged because I have a more active role in the daily meetings and I need to be more on my game. Plus…I’m old lady.

When we got off the train in Amsterdam, I said “I’m on my own tonight” and split off from the group. I just gotta do my thang sometimes and not give a shit what people think. Yes, it may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in Amsterdam during a World Cup game…but HAVE WE MET? There are just some times I have to say enough is enough and sit one out. It’s better for errrrrrbody. Because after this day in the office, I’d rather have 47 Pap smears than listen to those jokers flap their jaws.

I took some pics in HEMA so I could accurately relay the puzzling joy that is my favorite Dutch store. See next post.


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