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Heavens to Murgatroyd June 22, 2014

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8pm local time. I’m finally in my room after landing 12 hours ago. And flying for ten hours prior to that.

I’m in the hotel I was in the first time I was here. It’s 20+ canal homes converted to a hotel, so the inside is like a rabbit warren. My room is in a house built in 1650.

I twisted my ankle and fell down HARD in the hallway. I’m going to feel super tomorrow. Ugh!

We did the windmill tour today. Then a tour of an old fishing village. Then a boat ride. Then a wooden shoe factory. It was all VERY touristy but nice to just follow along and not have to think too much. Important to stay awake today to avoid the heinous jet lag tomorrow.

We also went to a cheese factory. I bought some smoky Gouda that is the biz-omb. And I found a new fave Dutch beverage. Jillz apple cider. Super yum.


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