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Time to land June 21, 2014

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And now it’s Sunday around 8am. Weird!

What did I do for ten hours? I made a Mommy Cocktail of champagne and a “nerve pill” and at the delicious meal. Then I slept and had scary dreams about the Lego Movie and Frog was in there flabbergasted that I didn’t get the symbolism of the “film.” I begged her to tell me and she said “you really just need to think about it.” Wha-t-EV-er.

I also read quite a bit, about the Hungarian Gold Train and can we all agree? THAT FUCKING HITLER!!! I’m so sick of his BULLSHIT. I think maybe I need a break on the WW2 books.

Then I watched several eps of the Mindy Project and knit. I got to a new color in my scarf, which I’m naming “70s appliance scarf” because LOOK AT THE COLORS!

I also had a tummy ache and d-e-s-t-r-o-y-e-d the airplane bathroom and when I came out guess who was standing in line waiting for the terlit? My boss. Awesome.


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