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Bring on the hate mail June 19, 2014

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Guess how I feel about this guy bringing his dog in to work?

No thank you.

And he’s bringing it to a meeting that’s overcrowded to begin with. And it wastes 10 min while everyone oooohs and aaaaahs.


Someone is telling him, right this minute:” it’s so NICE to have a dog in the office! It’s so CALMING.”

Umm, speak for yourself.

Sooooooooooo annoying.


5 Responses to “Bring on the hate mail”

  1. Sauly Says:

    No hate mail here. I love my dog and I generally love other people’s dogs. BUT THEY DON’T BELONG AT WORK, PEOPLE. FOR. THE. LOVE.

    While I’m at it, they also don’t belong in Target, on the plane, or generally any indoor public space JUST BECAUSE THEY FIT IN YOUR HANDBAG.

    • Sauly Says:

      We had a a new gal who was bringing her dog to work until someone finally told her she couldn’t any more. Because apparently you have to actually tell people that now. And now she leaves her dog in her car all day. Perfect. Great solution. What a good dog mommy you are.

  2. Toad Says:

    After we wasted precious minutes talking about the stupid dog, he says “so everyone’s cool with Roman being here? No one is weirded out by it?”

    Like who’s going to speak up and be that asshole??

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