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Cut out shoulder shirts June 4, 2014

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Readers. I need you to weigh in on an important matter of a sartorial nature.

How do you feel about women’s garments with the shoulder cut outs?

Personally, I’m perplexed by them. I find them unattractive, bordering on hoochie.

I did a quick google image search for your edification.

I am no fashion icon though, so I am curious as to where our readers fall on the shoulder cut-out fandango. Pro or Con?

I’m in meetings with a vendor – yesterday and today. Yesterday one of the women was wearing one. AT WORK. But she’s obviously a super-tripper so I just wrote it off as an anomaly. Today she’s rocking a Madonna look, from the Lucky Star era. No judgment – I think everyone should march to their own beat, y’all. But then today, another one of the vendor women is wearing a dress with cut-out shoulders. At work!

Perhaps this is an east coast phenomenon that just hasn’t made its way west yet? Or perhaps they’re going clubbin’ right after our meetings are over? Or perhaps it’s time for me to have a fashion intervention and get with the modern times. I’m open to that possibility!

How do you all feel about the cut-out shoulder shirts?

But if people are wearing their cut out shirts to work, I’m going to feel okay about wearing my silver disco shoes to work. I wanted to wear them today…I needed the mood boost…but I demurred and wore my black disco shoes instead.


3 Responses to “Cut out shoulder shirts”

  1. JLew Says:

    Slits don’t bother me, but large gaps remind me of clubbing. It looks sloppy to me, but….what do I know?

  2. Emily Says:

    I have one, and I wear it to work. It’s striped and super casual but with the shoulders out. Probably most similar to that black one on the bottom row but navy, yellow, and white. I don’t know why I bought it, honestly I agree that it’s weird, but I really liked the color combo and the fit is good. It’s not clubby because of the print and the fit. I think I’m pulling it off b/c good shoulders and casual work environment. I’d never wear something like that if I had an office job.

  3. harrismr1 Says:

    Middle school girls wear them.
    Enough said.

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