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Life in the 1620s… May 28, 2014

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…it was rough. Especially for poor folk. I’m going to need some beach reads after this!

My beloved little Utrecht is mentioned several times…the town where they branded the thief to bar him from town.

I think my hotel last time was very close to Dam Square, where they hang the murderers. I also learned the word “gibbets” which is a place where they’d hang the bodies of the executed and let them rot there, as warning for other people. I think the gibbets were in Dam Square too. Maybe where the KFC is now? Kidding.

Those strict Calvinists of 1600’s Holland…wonder what they’d think of the Red Light District in today’s Amsterdam.

I met a woman today who I’m going to be traveling with on my next trip. Very nice woman who moved to Oregon specifically for a temp job at the Megacorp. Lots and LOTS of folks come in the temp route. I feel lucky to have missed that limbo-land.

Anyhooooo, it’s her first trip there and her first trip to Europe. So I’ll be the “experienced” one leading her around and showing her how to wrangle the trains etc. Oh, the irony. Me, the experienced one! I’ll have to take her to the glorious sights of Amsterdam… like HEMA…at the train station. You can call me Rick Steves, y’all.

I was going to read the old Anne Frank diary in prep for my next trip…but dudes…I can’t go from branding in Utrecht to WW2 / genocide. There are limits. I need a dumb romance or something.


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