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Glory Be! May 22, 2014

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My June trip to Europe is cancelled. Yay!

The only thing I’m bummed about is that I saw a scarf at HEMA, my favorite store, that I wanted to buy. I wonder if I can talk someone into picking it up for me. I want to make this fandango:

I want one of these RUL RUL bad. The “recipe” calls for you to make your own linen scarf then crochet the edges, but who has time to do two ¼” hems, for pete’s sake? And the fabric recommended is home dec weight, which seems too heavy to me. I had the bright idea to make one from an existing scarf…and thought of one I ALMOST bought at my beloved HEMA, but didn’t. If I remember correctly it’s light colored like that, with black animals on it. Or navy. But it would look good with a neon crocheted edging, AMIRITE??

The other bummer is that I made a date with my new Greek friend to go see a museum in Utrecht. Oh well. Next time. I can do without a week away from home. And the subsequent jet lag. FERREALS, YO.

Plus, I might have to go in July. And September. As well as Brazil in August. And September. CRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKEY.


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