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Hagelslag May 21, 2014

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One of the more perplexing Dutch delicacies (?) is hagelslag. Which are basically sprinkles. Or jimmies. Or whatever you call them.

They eat them on bread.

There are special ones called Muisjes (mice) that are anise (licorice) flavored (gross) and are used when babies are born. It sounds a bit like the “It’s a girl” cigar fandango here in the U.S of A. If you have a girl, you make bread with pink muisjes. Blue for boys.

The “recipe” is: spread unsalted butter on a piece of bread. Pour a bunch of hagelslag on the bread. Eat it.

I bought one of these packs for the Children of the Corn. So they can try a variety.

When I was looking for the name of this stuff via Google, I found this website:

There’s some good, funny stuff on there. And I can vouch for several: #6. #41. #38 for sure.


One Response to “Hagelslag”

  1. mothermckibbin Says:

    Packaging of power. Nutritional value of fear.

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