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Now my geedee cab driver mentioned my cracked window!! He said he can turn on the A/C. I said “Great, and I like the window cracked too.” He muttered somesing about the noise blab blah but ended on “Okay, okay.”

I cannot get a break. Those customs agents are probably sitting back stuffing their faces with J’s gourmet pig meat from southern Spain and having a good laugh at the dumb lady they ripped it off from.

I’m heading to Canby in a cab with The Suffocater. I hope his gps is right. I can’t read it because its in some other language. I see some backwards P’s and such. Cyrillic? A RUSKIE? I only know one way to get to Canby and it’s not from the airport.

If I don’t make it to lacrosse I was last seen on 205S in a bright green Prius cab. My driver is wearing a plaid shirt and looks like Tom Waits – a little. I am wearing jeans and a black Columbia pullover. No make up and no shower. And no cracked window, so I have extremely grumpy face.

I neeeeeeeds my duuuuuuudes.

Łâtęr, rëædêrš


3 Responses to “MORE OPPRESSION”

  1. mothermckibbin Says:

    You must be there by now?

  2. Linda Gates Says:

    Welcoome home, Kelsey. In this picture, you look like your mother.

  3. mothermckibbin Says:

    Well, thank you Mrs. Gates..I will take that as a compliment. My girl is home safe and sound. I say “ahhhhhh.”

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