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Car Service May 15, 2014

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Phil got us a car again today. It wasn’t really necessary (my coworker is UNSTOPPABLE) but we’ll take it.

I was happy to sit in the back and put on my makeup and just veg out…until I needed some air and tried to roll my window down. The button didn’t work (it had earlier) so I asked if I could roll down the window please and the driver said NO.

People. Have you ridden in a car with me? I am not like my coworker. I am STOPPABLE. I get carsick soooooo easily and I need air flow and control of said air flow.

I asked him three times because I thought we were misunderstanding each other. Turns out he understood just fine. NO, I could not crack my window because above certain speeds, is makes that noise when the wind goes through and you get that resonating thing that’s annoying. Yes, SIR, I know about that resonating/pulsing thing. It’s torture for my younger son. So what you do is you crack another window and it eliminates it. You don’t make the air-flow-needer suffer with no air. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY’RE A PAYING CUSTOMER.

Of course me being me, I said “Oh, yes. I understand. That is an annoying phenomenon.” Then I turned to my phone and did some insane ranting vis a vis this here blog post. And subsequently made myself MORE carsick. But as well as being STOPPABLE, I am also a seether and a co-plainer. And a dramatist.

When we got off the freeway he laughed and said “Now you can have window again.” I said “THANK YOU!” and rolled that shit down ASAP.

Clearly, it is time for me to head back to the land of freedom and non-window-oppression. HOMESICK, y’all! I talked to the boys this morning (their bedtime) and we are all missing each other like mad.

Viva la tomorrow!!


One Response to “Car Service”

  1. mothermckibbin Says:

    Yep…tell that airline pilot to put a turbo on it!

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