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Oh readers May 13, 2014

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The woman I’m traveling with (and frankly, the brains of this whole operation) has had something happen to her back! She texted me at 7am and said she can’t walk or stand etc.

I called the front desk and they got us connected to a dr who told her to take Advil and call back in an hour. The Advil took the edge off but and now she can stand up, but she can’t really walk. So we are at the hotel waiting for the dr to come to the room around 10am.

Meanwhile, we had a morning full of meetings that we’re telling the folks to go on without us and I’m here keeping her company and tending to her, poor thing. Scary to be laid up in a foreign place! I feel for her. So far I’ve brought her some breakfast and tidied up her hotel room…because what else can I do????!!!! I don’t think she wants to be alone.

The hotel has been super helpful and accommodating.

Meanwhile in other travel news it looks like reader MHar is on a cot in the DFW airport! Oh, traveling! You big pain in the arse! I feel her pain…the breakfast buffet in the club lounge at my hotel switched up the muffins today and I bit into it expecting banana but got blueberry!!! That was both a shock and an inconvenience, much like having to “sleep” on a cot in the airport!! I’m calling the American embassy.


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