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Oh for the love May 12, 2014

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The gal checked my train card today and I’d forgotten to swipe it at the main train staish. I had to get off the train at some random stop and swipe the card and get back on. Except the train left so I had to wait for another.

I’m grumpy at the Dutch train fandango. Of course it’s not MY fault I’m doing it wrong. I must blame the entire country and infrastructure. I am a ‘MURICAN!! Everything should be tailored for my specific skills (low) and needs (high).

But srsly, put down your doobies and announce the fucking stops consistently, ‘kay?

JK. I just love a chance to say “doobie.” I smelt a lotta doobie action last night in our 26 mile walk to the hotel. Oh Amsterdam.


One Response to “Oh for the love”

  1. mothermckibbin Says:

    Maybe you should practice your deep breathing while walking about that doobie filled country?

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