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Reserved a King May 11, 2014

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Got a queen.

I like a king because I can use 1/2 the bed for storing crap. With a queen, I gotta clear this biz off. And right now I’m so tired I could barf.

The time zone change is the worst part about the intl travel. Srsly. Last time I was here, I thought I was going nuts on Day Two. I had such bad jet lag I thought I was hearing things.

The poor gal I’m with on this trip suffered thru the Vinnie museum. It was raining like a sunnuvabitch and we had to walk and walk and then wait and wait outside to get in. She’s young, hale and hearty though. 34. This was her first time ever to a museum. I don’t think museums are her jam. I need to geek out on stuff like that alone. I didn’t rent the audio tour and I wish I had.

Next time I’m here (next month. Shiiiiiiiiit.) I will go to the museum where I can see my man Vermeer’s girl with the pearl earring.


One Response to “Reserved a King”

  1. mothermckibbin Says:

    International travel companions rock…Joran van der sloot sucks!

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