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Guess Who?? April 29, 2014

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Guess who is a lazy slob and slips her feet into her shoes then hobbles to the car so she can sit down there and buckle them? Guess who’s too lazy to put down her computer bag and do it in the garage?

Guess who stepped on the strap of one shoe with the other foot and TORE THE STRAP OFF HER FAVE NEW SANDALS?

Guess who nearly flipped out when she did that?

Answer to all: ME.

CONSARNIT! I was mad as Yosemite Sam!

I took them to a shoe repair shop in Beaverton today and they said “we can fix this, but you really ought to take them back to the store. This wasn’t attached well.”

I said “But I was a lazy slob and stepped on the strap! It’s my fault!”

She said “What’s the worst that can happen? They’ll say no?”


But I did take them back. And the dude at the shop ordered me a new pair to be transferred from their Vanc store. And now I’m a loyal customer of When The Shoe Fits, in Tigard Oregon. Dumb store name, GREAT SERVICE. They actually really helped me when I went in looking for shoes. The gal showed me several different styles, got them out and helped me try them on, just like the days of yore. No throwing a box at you and flipping you the bird like stores do it today!

So peeps, if you’re looking for comfortable, Euro-style shoes (read: bi-curious)…hit up that joint!

Also, they have a BANGIN heel cream that works on my ashy heels.

And if you need a shoe repair, the joint on Broadway in downtown Beav was tres helpful. And like walking into a time machine! Ain’t no computer resole-ing shoes, people! Some jobs are still done with hands and tools. The joint on Main St in Tigard is good too, FWIW. He fixed up a beloved pair of disco shoes and they look GOOD AS NEW.

And that’s all the shoe news that’s fit to print.


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