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Um? April 22, 2014

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Remember way back this morning when I said I’m kicking ass and taking names today? Well…apparently I kicked too much ass today and someone called my peer and CO-PLAINED. Apparently I said something in a meeting that offended?

Oh for the love.

Now I have a gut ache from hell. But I’m trying not to obsess.

I emailed the gal and said “whazzup let’s talk?” and haven’t heard back from her. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME
FOR THIS. I would march my hiney to her desk but I don’t know what bldg she’s in.

Remember when someone called me “curt and abrupt” a few jobs ago? Flashbacks! PTSD! Just kidding. Sometimes people don’t like it when you hit them with the Truth Hammer. Or they don’t like it when you stop them from complaining about the same thing for 47 hours of life.

Curt? No, I’m tired of YOUR FLAPPING JAW! I’d like to end this convo before my kids graduate from high school, FFS.

Abrupt? Ok, ok, maybe.

Luckily tomorrow is book group so I get to see my “shrill and caustic” friend who will sympathize with me. Except I didn’t read the book and I hope I don’t get in trouble. I’ve been too busy playing Candy Crush, dummies!!!

Lawsie mercy. My life.


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