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Hello April 9, 2014

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It’s Megacorp Top Biz Woman here. Long time no post. Megacorp is keeping me so busy I have nary a brain cell left by the end of the day. I’m so busy avoiding a Nervy B that I practically go comatose when I get home. I had a meeting with my boss that I thought was going to result in Europe in May then Brazil in June. Come on, people. Come ON! I think Europe is off…and I’m still waiting to hear on Brazil. CONVENIENTLY I’ve not yet applied for the visa…maybe if I procrastinate that, I won’t be able to go. The World Cup starts June 12th and the visa line is looooooong. Or so I hear. My boss mentioned me going during the first two weeks of June. Ain’t nobody got TIME for travel during World Cup in BR. Shit will be cray down there!

Here’s a beauty update for y’all. I bought this set of nail polish last week (?) and did the whole regimen Friday…and my nails are looking good. It’s a four step process with base coat blah blah blah. But it seems to last. Doing a four coat nail polish fandango is not my usual M.O., but dudes: tired times call for brainless activities.

I will be doing better in two months or so…I’m just trying to absorb SO much new information – it’s exhausting. Not to mention having to be super extrovert-y in my new yob. Shit wears me OUT! I prefer being a worker-mole, heads down in my cube-hole. And now I’m movin’ and shakin’ and meetin’ and greetin’…lawsie mercy. I even had to take some folks out to lunch today and try to talk them into ditching a plan to do blah blah blah. I failed. We are a go for switching our payroll bank in Brazil. I couldn’t talk dude out of it. What do I know about banking in Brazil??

Here’s an interesting tidbit for you: in Brazil, if your employer banks with XYZ bank, you are REQUIRED to have an account at XYZ bank. Can you imagine if someone in Oregon tried to tell all the hippies here they had to open an account with MegaBank instead of their Granola Credit Union? Um, no. The world: she’s crazy.

So now because we are switching banks every.single.employee in BR has to open an account at the new bank. And this is standard biz in BR. No big!

(Then I got home and saw some meme online about said bank laundering $850 MILLION for a Mexican drug cartel. With no penalties.) (Yet dude goes to jail for having a doobie.) (Oh, this world.) (I’m going to bed now.) (Goodbye.)

(I really love the word doobie. It’s funny.)


One Response to “Hello”

  1. Sue Says:

    Oh how I had missed your posts, thank The Lord your are back.

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